The Moon box office is Currently closed due to CV 19 For info Email Scott@moonevents.com, located at 1105 E Lafayette St., Tallahassee, Fl., 32301, phone 850-878-6900. If no one answers, you may leave a voice message for Scott Carswell, the General Manager, at ext 114, or lost and found at ext 100.

   The Moon is Tallahassee's premier variety showcase for entertainment, hosting major concerts featuring country, rock, reggae, rap, jazz, R&B, and more. Since 1985, The Moon has been home to hundreds of headliners, including: George Clinton, Willie Nelson, Bassnectar, Dionne Warwick, Hall & Oates, The Tempations, Bonnie Raitt, George Strait, The Judds, B.B. King, Kenny Chesney, Joe Cocker, Pat Benatar, Billy Preston, Chris Tucker, and many more.

   Private events such as the Tiger Bay luncheon with Ted Turner, the Governor's Inaugural Ball, a Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra performance, Springtime Tallahassee's Grand Ball, and theatre with Dick Fallon and FSU's Mainstage have been hosted by The Moon as well.

   The Moon has also been the venue for major pay-per-view closed circuit events, political gatherings, cultural happenings, as well as intimate private affairs. From 50 to 1,500, you can dine, dance and play on The Moon.

Pictured above: The dance floor and stage(Left), & the sound & lighting booth(Right).
Taken the first night The Moon opened in 1985

Opened: 1985
  Main Room: 21,000 sq. ft - Four levels with five main bars
  Silver Moon Lounge: 2,300 sq ft. - Two levels with one main bar
  Main Room: 1,500; Seating for 900.
  Silver Moon Lounge: 200; Seating for 126
Parking: 350 on-site; 800 across the street.
Production: In house Sound, lighting & video with full production staff.
Dressing rooms: 1 w/full bathroom
Catering: Full kitchen w/staff if needed. Clients are welcome to use their own caterer if the caterer is insured and licensed.